A Raisebore Pad in Western Australia.

Jan 19, 2024 | Mining Engineering | 0 comments

A Raisebore Pad in Western Australia.

A raise bore is a vital piece of equipment in mining operations, particularly for creating vertical or inclined shafts in underground mines.

It works by drilling a small pilot hole from the surface down to the level where the shaft is needed.

Then, a reaming head is attached and the bore is enlarged to the required diameter as the equipment is pulled back to the surface.

This method is safer and more efficient than traditional blasting methods, reducing the risk of collapse and minimizing the impact on surrounding rock structures.

The raise bore method also generates smoother walls in the shaft, which is beneficial for ventilation, transportation of materials, and movement of personnel within the mine.

Magryn Engineering utilized their expertise in structural and mining engineering to design and document a reinforced concrete pad for the Agnew mine in Western Australia.

This pad supports the Raiseboring equipment used to create a mine shaft that is over 4.5 meters in diameter and 89 meters deep.

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