Adelaide’s Heritage Engineering Company: Magryn

Sep 20, 2022 | Heritage Engineering | 0 comments

As a registered heritage engineer working in the Adelaide area, Magryn provides engineering services to organisations intending to undertake restoration or other work on their historical heritage building.

What Is a Heritage Engineering Consultant?

A heritage engineer is a registered engineering business that specialises in the understanding and restoration of the built heritage on land and at sea. The field of heritage engineering encompasses not only architecture but also environmental engineering, materials conservation and building preservation.

Why Choose Magryn for Heritage Engineering Consulting?

Magryn Engineering has more than 25 years of experience in heritage and marine engineering, a skill set that is virtually unique and encompasses the requirements to be accredited for heritage engineering.

Examples of heritage projects

  • The Kapunda mine chimney stonework restoration.
  • East End Market gable (on East Tce) investigation, stabilization and remediation.
  • Heritage cottage in McLaren St, Adelaide wall remediation including rotation.
  • Heritage house underpinning all over the state for stabilization and remediation, using both traditional concrete underpinning and urethane injection

Is your property listed on the SA Heritage Register?

If you would like to know if the property you live in or have a vested interest in is listed on the SA Heritage Register, you can search the database here.

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