Baudin Beach boat ramp upgrade

Oct 23, 2023 | Marine Structures, Ports and Marine | 0 comments

Magryn has a wealth of experience when it comes to ports and maritime engineering, particularly boat launching facilities.

The existing boat ramp at Baudin Beach on the north coast of Kangaroo Island is currently being upgraded by Buttrose Earthmoving for Kangaroo Island Council.

Baudin Beach (formerly know as American Beach) is between American River and Penneshaw.

The project was instigated by the Baudin Beach Progress Association to enable better access into the water by locals, and has been designed by Magryn.

The ramp construction makes use of precast concrete planks (reinforced with glass fibre reinforced polymer in place of traditional steel reinforcing) at the lower levels and an insitu concrete slab (reinforced with polypropylene fibre mesh) at the higher levels.

The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of October 2023.

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