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When it comes to Civil Engineering Companies Adelaide, Magryn & Associates are world class!

Actively consulting in Civil, Structural and Mining Engineering and specialists in Coastal and Marine work.

Magryn and Associates is a medium sized engineering consultancy firm. With a focus on exceptional engineering designs, all carried out in accordance with good practice and the relevant Australian Standards, we have experienced year-on-year, consistent and sustainable growth.

Some of our specialties are

  • Coastal Marine Engineering
  • Stormwater Design
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hardstand area designs like Roadways, Pavement and Elevated Boardwalks.

Stormwater Design

There are many types of designs for stormwater systems and these vary depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Some of our storm water management designs have included:

  • Water collection and disposal
  • Water retention tanks for reuse onsite
  • Detention tanks for ponds and other slow release areas
  • V-notch flow measurement weirs for rivers and streams
  • Pipe systems, pump systems and
  • reatment systems for removal of pollutants.

Hardstand Area Designs

This is about roadway and pavement systems that include factors like type of traffic load, including minimal, high and general roads or highway conditions. Other factors have to be considered too, like stormwater runoff control, the surfaces used and ground conditions on which it is to be constructed, ie poor ground or fill areas.

Designs we have undertaken have included reinforced concrete, rubble, concrete block pavers, asphalt and two coat bitumen spray seal.

Retaining Walls

With height capabilities of up to nine metres, each retaining site has to be engineered according to its particular conditions and needs.

We take into account things like the presence of groundwater, underlying shallow rock, fill or other challenges. We have a number of engineering design options available like:

  • steel posts
  • concrete sleepers
  • crib walls
  • ground anchors for stabilisation
  • masonry walls
  • reinforced concrete and
  • reinforced masonry walls.

Elevated Boardwalks

Elevated boardwalks are precast concrete pieces that are used for trails, greenways (wetlands), observation piers and pedestrian bridge projects.

Unlike their wooden counterparts, concrete boardwalks require minimal if any maintenance. Using either steel reinforced concrete or glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) reinforced concrete, elevated boardwalks are suitable for either pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

The GFRP sections are lighter due to a reduced concrete cover and do not rust.

Problem Solving

Problems can occur with old and new buildings. These are often challenging, unusual and sometimes unique. These can happen in just about any way, shape and form, but are normally found in the following areas…

  • Flooding, through the roof and/or at ground level
  • Dampness in other forms and problems
  • Ageing balconies, weathered or rotted
  • Balustrades that have weakened
  • Broken or deflected roof structures
  • Structural designs to match or compliment the architectural style or details

We have extensive engineering knowledge and practical experience and tackle each problem individually. Magryn Engineering will investigate and discover the cause, then engineer a robust and enduring solution tailored to the specific problem.

If the customer requires it, we can also engage the required contractors and oversee their work, thereby ensuring the problem is completely resolved.

Magryn and Associates

Our staff of thirteen are comprised of eight qualified engineers who are supported by technical officers, drafters and administrative officers.

We are small, which allows us to deliver personalised service and yet, able to tackle complex engineering projects both at home and abroad.

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