Coastal Engineering – Seawall Projects

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Coastal Engineering – Seawall Projects

Recently we have quite a few new and large coastal engineering projects at Magryn.

These include:

Rock Seawalls – Point Turton, Yorke Peninsula in South Australia

We have two at Point Turton on Yorke Peninsula, one being 400m long.

seawall port turton

Prior to seawall works commencing

During seawall construction

During seawall construction

Moonta Bay Seawall Installations

Magryn Engineering have also designed and supervised installation of several seawalls at Moonta Bay, one being 85m long.

Seawall Installation at Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Seawall Installation at Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia


All of these are rock revetment seawalls are designed to resist the local wave action on unstable and eroding cliffs, and prevent further erosion, protecting buildings, housing and infrastructure. All the walls are site-specific designs for the conditions at that site.

There was an article on the Yorke Peninsula Country Times Newspaper 17 January, 2018 on the Pt Turton seawall and in the same paper on 24 October, 2017 and 17 October, 2017 for the Moonta Bay seawall.


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