Coastal Engineering

Our coastal engineers are passionate about the coast, and enjoy a strong professional relationship with councils, government departments and the private sector across Australia.

Our capabilities include:

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rock seawall engineering

Coastal Process Assessments

Assist in project planning and understanding of the complex coastal systems.

Coastal Hazard Risk Assessments

Utilising a hazard/risk framework  assists clients to make informed decisions regarding coastal protection works.

whyalla jetty

Coastal Adaptation Planning

We work closely with other specialist consultants including planners and environmental scientists, to undertake coastal adaptation studies and provide valuable advice that helps to shape the future of our coastlines and protect critical assets.

port augusta wharf

Coastal Structure Inspection

Above and below the water line inspections of marine structures, assessment of condition and reporting. Underwater inspection is either undertaken by free diving or by professional dive teams using hookah.

Coastal Erosion and Flooding Assessment

  • historical erosion
  • ongoing coastal erosion
  • susceptibility for flooding due to elevated water levels from:
  • rising sea level
  • storm surge
  • wave effects

Coastal Process Investigation

Sand transport, currents, erosion and accretion of beaches and usually employs one of more of the following:

  • hydrographic survey
  • sediment sampling
  • current measurement
  • aerial photography, both historical and current
  • wave measurement

Coastal Asset Management

Condition assessments for seawalls and breakwaters.

Coastal Protection Structures

Generally to protect against erosion. These critical coastal structures offer protection of coastline and assets from erosion and/or wave attack, and may include traditional hard protection measures such as rock seawalls/revetments, but also soft protection options that blend with the natural environment such as geotextile sand containers and living shorelines.

    Sand Accretion and Erosion Assessment and Rectification Design

    Airlie Beach boardwalk

    Beach Access Stairs and Ramps

    Structures along and offshore of the coast.

    Stormwater Outfalls on Beaches

    This is a particularly complicated field thanks largely to:

    • varying ocean water levels
    • sand transport along the coast
    • wave attack and erosion onto the outfall structure
    • erosion of sand by water exiting from the outfall
    • trapping of gross pollutants from the outfall
    • prevention of vermin access to outfall pipework

    Underwater Inspection Drone

    Magryn’s underwater drone is used to increase our survey capability and safety. It is suited to a variety of salt and fresh water environments and can reduce the survey cost where a professional dive team may otherwise be required.   The underwater drone is capable of operating at depths of up of 100m, taking 4H UHD videos and photos.  Read more here

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