Coastal Erosion

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Erosion Control | 0 comments

What is Coastal Adaptation?

Coastal zones face increasing risk of inundation and erosion as a result of coastal hazards such as sea level rise and increased wind and wave climates.  Adaptation planning is important in response to increasing risks. There are generally five categories of adaptation responses in the coastal zone:

  • Avoidance – Avoid the impacts of coastal hazards by ensuring that assets are not placed in
    areas that could be impacted in the future.
  • Hold the line – Install protection infrastructure that reduces the impact of coastal hazards.
  • Accommodate – Accept some degree of hazard and conduct limited intervention to manage the hazard.
  • Managed retreat – Move assets away from areas that could be impacted by coastal hazards.
  • Loss acceptance – Accept that coastal hazards will cause negative impacts on assets and services and when this occurs, they will not be replaced.

With rising sea levels and increasing storm events as a result of climate change, coastal adaptation planning is important for both new developments and existing buildings, to ensure resilience, safety and long-term sustainability.

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