Drone for Underwater Surveys

Jul 1, 2022 | Marine Structures | 0 comments

Magryn now has an underwater drone to increase our ability to safely and inexpensively undertake underwater inspections of submerged structures such as jetties etc.

The drone is a Chasing Gladius Mini ROV which is a very capable remote control device, which can dive to 100m while recording 4K UHD video and/or photos

We have undertaken training for our senior engineers to operate and pilot the drone which can be utilised as another method of underwater inspection.

The use of the drone is much more economical than using a professional dive team to undertake underwater surveys.

The device specifications are:

  • 4K UHD camera, with LED lights
  • Portable backpack
  • Can dive to 100m depth
  • Highly controllable, with automatic depth holding and can tilt/lock at up to ±45°
  • Still photos or video recording ability
  • 5 thrusters (3 vertical & 2 horizontal)

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