How can I protect my beachfront property from coastal erosion?

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Erosion Control | 0 comments

Coastal erosion is a concern for beach houses because it can threaten their stability and lead to property damage or loss. Coastal erosion and recession can be caused by a combination of coastal processes, including wave action, storms and rising sea levels.

Magryn can assess your property and recommend specific adaptation measures based on the specific site characteristics, historical erosion and hazard risks. Common solutions include seawalls, sandbag groynes, and beach nourishment (adding sand to the beach to restore its natural profile and provide a buffer against erosion).

As an alternative to traditional hard protection measures such as rock seawalls, soft erosion protection such as landscaping that is sensitive to the coastal environment may also be a viable solution. We prioritise solutions that minimise environmental disruption and maintain beach amenity.

We work closely with relevant government agencies to ensure compliance.

Magryn can assist with the entire process from planning, approval, tendering through to construction of protection works.

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