I would like to take out a wall in my home, does this require engineering?

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog, Domestic engineering | 0 comments

Modifying existing buildings carries significant risk, particularly if the walls to be removed are load-bearing, or if they contribute to the overall building bracing.

It is important that potential structural implications and requirements are carefully considered. Our engineers can assist, by inspecting the roof structure and determining if the wall to be removed is load-bearing.

What if the wall is not load bearing?

If the walls proposed to be removed are found to be non-load bearing, no further engineering work is required. 

What if the wall is load bearing?

If the wall proposed to be removed is found to be load-bearing, our engineers would typically undertake structural calculations in accordance with Australian Standards and design of roof beams/bracing as required.

The documentation produced will be suitable to forward to tradespeople to obtain quotes from them.

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