My house is cracked. What can Magryn do to help me?

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog, House Cracking | 0 comments

Whenever contacted about a cracked house, our first priority is to send an engineer to the site to view the house and the cracking. The engineer will then prepare a detailed report that covers:

  • The extent of the damage to the house
  • Any on-site factors that may have contributed to the problem
  • Our professional opinion on the cause of the cracking
  • Our professional recommendations on what is required to address and solve the problem

As underpinning is a very expensive remedial exercise and should only be carried out as a last resort and in severe cases, Magryn & Associates engineers will always first look for and consider other appropriate solutions.

All fees for this work are time-based and charged at our hourly rate (contact the office to discuss).

In more complicated cases, we might also be required to conduct a floor-level survey inside the house. While the advanced Technidea zip level we use provides us with a quick and highly accurate reading of the sloping floor, the survey is at some additional cost.

The detailed report then specifies the work to be done, which you can pass on to building contractors and request a quote to attend to the work.

Please note that Magryn & Associates cannot guarantee that the work undertaken will prevent all future cracking or movement as a combination of one or all of Adelaide’s soil types, the footings in place and the type of house construction may contribute to an ongoing problem.

Rather, we are attempting to reduce the extent of the cracking and movement, eliminate instances of wide cracks of a structural concern, and achieve a more manageable ‘patch and paint’ solution,

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