Ports and Maritime Engineering

The discipline of ports and maritime engineering has been a key pillar at Magryn & Associates since its inception, delivering on projects such as:

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Baudin Beach Boat Ramp Upgrade

Boat Ramps

We have undertaken hundreds of boat ramp designs around the coast and rivers of Australia for local governments and private clients, most in South Australia, but also in Victoria and New South Wales.

Breakwater Design

Breakwaters often accompany engineering designs for boat ramps or marinas, and protect moored or landing vessels.

whyalla jetty

Jetty Design

We design coastal-engineered Jetties for recreational or commercial use. The design may incorporate a fender design to allow vessels, from small fishing boats to large bulk carries of 100,000 DWT or more, to berth.

Marina Design

Coastal engineering design for marines is undertaken in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3962, and covers both the conceptual and detailed design phases for boat mooring at coastal locations and takes into account:

  • depth of water and the need for dredging
  • wave climate and penetration
  • pontoon design
  • facilities
  • vehicle access and parking
  • boat launching
  • other effects, such as seaweed ingress and adjacent erosion
pontoon design

Pontoon Facility Design

Pontoon facilities in marine and riverine environments, including design of guide piles, gangways and abutments

wharf design

Wharves and Fender Design

Wharves for large ships (to 100,000 DWT), including ship fending design generally.

Near Shore Hydrographic Surveys

Underwater surveys of the seabed are often undertaken in conjunction with a land survey on the shore. Magryn & Associates brings a wealth of experience to the marine survey discipline, with a licenced surveyor and a purpose-modified jet-ski on hand to tackle all required seabed surveys.

    Bastion Point Breakwater

    Asset Management

    Asset management, including jetty/wharf inspections in accordance with the industry recognised Wharf Structures Condition Assessment manual.

    Channel Design and Dredging Advice

    Sand transport, currents, erosion and accretion of beaches and usually employs one of more of the following:

    • hydrographic survey
    • sediment sampling
    • current measurement
    • aerial photography, both historical and current
    • wave measurement

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