Admirals Arch Boardwalk

The Admirals Arch Boardwalk on Kangaroo Island has recently undergone a significant transformation.

This project, a collaboration with Wagners CFT ANZ, the Department for Environment and Water, and Larcombe General Builders, replaced the old timber stairs and viewing platform, enhancing the experience for visitors while ensuring the structure’s longevity in the harsh marine environment.

The Need for Replacement

The original timber stairs and viewing platform at Admirals Arch had served their purpose for many years. However, the unforgiving marine conditions led to rot and corrosion, diminishing their structural integrity and safety. Recognizing the urgent need for a durable solution, the decision was made to replace the old structure with materials that could withstand the environment and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Choosing Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

The use of Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (CFT) Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural profiles was pivotal for several reasons:


FRP offers a remarkable 100-year design life, significantly outlasting traditional materials like timber.

Resistance to Environmental Factors

Unlike wood and metal, FRP is inert, meaning it does not rot, rust, or corrode.

This characteristic is crucial for structures exposed to the salty, humid conditions near Admirals Arch.

Non-Leaching Properties

In a high conservation value area like Kangaroo Island, it is essential that construction materials do not leach harmful substances into the environment.

FRP meets this requirement, ensuring the local ecosystem remains undisturbed.

Low Maintenance

Over its serviceable life, FRP requires significantly less maintenance, reducing the long-term costs and efforts associated with upkeep.

Engineering and Construction Challenges

Working at such an incredible yet challenging site required meticulous planning and problem-solving skills. Magryn & Associates demonstrated their capability to assess risks and devise efficient engineering solutions.

Their practical advice was crucial for the contractor, ensuring that the construction process proceeded smoothly and on schedule.

Magryn were engaged to review the design, oversee and certify the construction independently. As a result, Magryn had to re-design some of the boardwalk components to adapt to the challenges encountered during construction. 

The team’s ability to quickly and effectively address engineering challenges allowed the site to be reopened to the public as planned, minimizing disruption to this popular tourist destination.

Magryn were engaged to independently review the design, oversee and certify the construction. As a result, Magryn had to re-design some of the boardwalk components to adapt to the challenges encountered during construction. 

Collaboration and Success

The successful completion of the Admirals Arch Boardwalk project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved.

Magryn & Associates’ structural engineering expertise, combined with Wagners CFT ANZ’s innovative FRP technology, the Department for Environment and Water’s oversight, and Larcombe General Builders’ construction skills, culminated in a robust, sustainable, and visually appealing boardwalk.


The new Admirals Arch Boardwalk stands as a shining example of modern engineering excellence.

It not only enhances the visitor experience but also ensures that the structure will remain safe and serviceable for many years to come.

Magryn & Associates have once again demonstrated their commitment to providing practical, sustainable, and innovative engineering solutions in challenging environments.