Cape Jervis and KI Ferry Ports Upgrade Works

Magryn have been involved with a variety of engineering work at Cape Jervis and Penneshaw, in collaboration with McMahon Services, for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport. Our specialist coastal, maritime and structural engineering expertise has played a crucial role to facilitate the construction of upgrades to the Sealink ferry terminal.

Our Contributions Included:

  • Wave Overtopping Assessment:
    We conducted a thorough assessment of the temporarily modified breakwater to evaluate the risk to permanent and existing assets. By defining the annual probability of exceedance for wave and water level events, we identified potential risks and developed effective mitigation strategies.
  • Hydrographic Surveying:
    Utilising our custom-built in-house jet ski, we performed detailed hydrographic surveys to inform the construction process.
  • Dilapidation Surveys:
    Partnering with SA-UAVs professional drone services, we conducted comprehensive dilapidation surveys of the terminal building to document its current condition.
  • Independent Reviews:
    We provided independent reviews of temporary structures designed by Robert Bird Group, ensuring their safety and compliance with relevant standards.
  • Temporary Navigation Light Pole Design
    We designed temporary navigation light poles, including wave load assessments, to ensure safe navigation during the construction period.

Wave Assessments

In regards the wave assessments, Magryn outlined specific operation monitoring requirements for the contractor to incorporate into the construction methodology. This proactive approach to monitoring and response helps minimize potential damage and ensures the safety of the assets and people.

The assessment was conducted in accordance with the tolerable overtopping limits defined in the Eurotop 2016 – Manual on wave overtopping of sea defences and related structures. This ensures that the project adheres to internationally recognized standards for coastal engineering.