Our comprehensive suite of services covers:

Domestic Engineering
For Households

including the design of new houses, house additions, building additions, retaining walls and domestic shade structures, as well as stormwater design, driveway design, balustrade and fence design; the preparation of reports on cracked houses and underpinning; and general advice on domestic engineering issues.

Problem Solving

We investigate, review and recommend appropriate remedial works for a raft of problems with buildings, ranging from leaking roofs and balconies to damp issues and broken and deflected roof structures.  This may or may not involve engaging and supervising contractors to carry out the remedial works, as the client prefers.

Civil Engineering

including stormwater design, retaining walls, roadway, pavement and hardstand design and boardwalks.

Commercial Buildings

including industrial buildings, light steel framed sheds and hangars, precast concrete or tilt up buildings, office buildings, petrol station design, crane structure design and assessment and balustrade system design.

Coastal Engineering

including boat ramps and boat launching facilities, rock seawalls, breakwater design, jetty design, marine structure inspection and reporting, coastal erosion and flooding assessment, marinas, off-shore structures, stormwater outfalls on beaches, vessel waste pump out stations and coastal process investigation.

Tensile Shade

including hypar structures, framed structures, car-park shades, large shades and demountable structures.


including general structural engineering for mine applications and raisebore shaft collars.

Hydrographic Survey

where our purpose-built jet-ski, operated by a licenced surveyor, allows us to undertake a wide range of in-shore hydrographic survey work.

Forensic Engineering
and Body Corporate Advice

relating to general structural engineering problems such as building cracking, stormwater and flooding problems, damp and leakage problems, roof structure problems and contractor engagement and supervision.

General Structural Engineering

Our preferred structural analysis packages – among them Microstran for general analysis of most structures; the state-of-the-art finite element analysis package, Sofistik; and the related Mpanel finite element analysis package for tensile shade structure analysis and design – give us the ability to analyse most types of structures, statically and dynamically.

Expert Representation and Reports

Magryn have several engineers on staff who are Chartered Professional Engineers and have extensive experience in their chosen fields. These engineers undertake reports for clients and present in court as expert witnesses.

Mr Magryn undertakes most of this work personally. He has over 40 years experience in engineering design and construction and his fields of expertise are:

  • Coastal Engineering (M.Eng.Sc qualified)
  • Structural Engineering (B.E.Hons qualified)
  • Forensic Engineering in relation to structural and civil engineering

Mr Magryn has provided expert reports and acted as an expert witness in many disputes and legal matters over the last 10 years, in both South Australia and Victoria. He is aware of the requirements of courts in regards to expert reports and giving evidence