Civil design and documentation for your every need – from stormwater to elevated boardwalks & everything in between.

Civil Engineers in Adelaide

Our civil engineering design and documentation service includes:

Stormwater design for commercial sites, comprising:

  • stormwater collection and disposal
  • retention tanks, for reuse onsite
  • detention tanks and ponds for slow release from site
  • design of V-notch flow measurement weirs for rivers and streams
  • pipe system design
  • pump systems
  • stormwater treatment systems for removal of gross pollutants and oil, grease and sediment

Retaining walls, engineered for each particular site and taking into account the presence of underlying shallow rock, groundwater, fill or other challenges, are available in a number of options, including:

  • steel posts and concrete sleepers
  • reinforced concrete
  • steel posts integral with a building and concrete panels
  • crib walls
  • the use of ground anchors to help stabilise the ground
  • masonry walls, both reinforced and standard

Walls may be up to a height of nine metres.

Roadway, pavement and hardstand area designs, undertaken for minimal traffic loading, specific high load vehicles such as forklifts or general road or highway loading conditions, as well as contouring areas to control stormwater runoff and make sure they work as planned, and designing pavement surfaces themselves. We undertake pavement designs such as:

  • reinforced concrete
  • asphalt
  • two coat bitumen spray seal
  • rubble
  • concrete block paver
  • ground improvement for poor ground or fill areas

Our elevated boardwalks feature precast concrete components – available in either steel reinforced or glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) reinforced – and are suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The GFRP option does not rust and allows reduced concrete cover, and, by definition, lighter sections.

Our elevated boardwalk credentials are best illustrated by the work we have done for Ecoform in the United Arab Emirates. We invite you to take a closer look by visiting the Ecoform link below.

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