Industrial and commercial buildings design in steel, concrete and general masonry.

Our design and documentation of new commercial and industrial buildings, as well as upgrades, refits and alterations to existing buildings, is generally based on architectural or other design drawings. Our expertise covers:

Industrial buildings that are generally site and purpose specific and more often than not, steel framed and clad in steel sheets, precast panelling or composite   steel and insulation   panels.

Light steel framed sheds and hangars are very economical to build and are large clear span structures ranging from 12m to 36m, framed with light steel C sections and clad with steel. Our portfolio includes a number of aircraft hangars with large front, hydraulic-actuated swing panel doors.

Precast concrete or tilt-up buildings generally have a steel-framed roof between the precast or tilt up concrete panels and are typically single or double storey with a timber or bondek concrete floor at the first floor level. Concrete wall panels are generally more secure than their metal counterparts and provide better thermal and acoustic insulation Quick to erect, easily adaptable and most cost effective, these structures have found a niche in the warehouse market where they can altered to accommodate additional offices by adding an internal upper floor at a later date.

Office buildings work ranges from converting houses to offices   as we did at our Somerton Park premises   to the refurbishment of existing buildings and the design and documentation of new buildings. The latter are available as:

  • light framed and clad structures
  • traditional steel framed, with glass cladding
  • precast concrete panels
  • architecturally designed
  • single or multi storey

Petrol station and fuel facility design has been a particularly productive area for us, with numerous examples of our work   either new or upgrades   scattered across Adelaide and South Australia. These assignments include:

  • building design
  • canopy design
  • stormwater design
  • pavement design, generally and over underground tank farm
  • water treatment and capture of spilt fuel
  • bunding of above ground tanks
  • placement of facility on a coastal site for boat refuelling
  • tanker access and egress
  • normal vehicle access and egress

While our work excludes the petrochemical or electrical designs, we are happy to engage specialists in these areas on your behalf.

Crane structure design and assessment involves attending to the structural supporting members in these buildings and does not include the hoisting or electrical equipment. Again, we are happy to engage specialists in these areas on your behalf. Our design of new systems includes:

  • travelling crane gantries
  • monorails
  • cantilever arms

We also assess existing structures to ensure that they meet current lift codes and, where they fall short, will recommend and document the necessary upgrades.

All work adheres to:

  • AS1418 – crane code
  • AS4100 – steel structures code
  • AS4600 – cold-formed steel structure code
  • AS3600 – concrete structures code

Balustrades work comprises the design of new general systems or customised site specific systems and includes:

  • steel, timber or aluminium posts
  • glass infill panel
  • timber slat panel
  • fixed to concrete slabs, timber floors or steelwork.

We can also undertake inspections, assessments and in-situ testing of existing balustrades to ensure that they comply with the required loads and meet Australian standards.