Magryn have several engineers on staff who are Chartered Professional Engineers and have extensive experience in their chosen fields. These engineers undertake reports for clients and present in court as expert witnesses.

Mr Magryn undertakes most of this work personally. He has over 40 years experience in engineering design and construction and his fields of expertise are:

  • Coastal engineering (M.Eng.Sc qualified)
  • Structural engineering (B.E.Hons qualified)
  • Forensic engineering in relation to structural and civil engineering

Mr Magryn has provided expert reports and acted as an expert witness in many disputes and legal matters over the last 10 years, in both South Australia and Victoria. He is aware of the requirements of courts in regards expert reports and giving evidence.

Please note that it is a requirement of all expert witness to act impartially and to be fully informed in regards all matters which may be of relevance to the court. This means that we cannot present “half of the story” to the court and any attempt to do so would not be well received by the court.

Adelaide Magistrates Court. Image courtesy The Advertiser

However, it is imperative that any technical argument be presented to the court in a manner which can be easily understood by all involved. This means that the evidence presented in court (in support of an experts report) is explained in terms understandable to a well educated layman. We consider this to be a strength of our expertise, and it has been well received by barristers and magistrates in past cases.