Forensic Engineering

Magryn and Associates have a wealth of experience when it comes to forensic engineering, and are a registered heritage consultant.

Building reports are written for private individual clients or Strata/Community Corporations in regards defects in their buildings, to address the probable cause and recommend appropriate remedial works.


Building Reports

These reports may cover:

  • Building cracking, movement, settlement or heave.
  • Building leaks, including poor or non-existent waterproofing, or leaking through basement walls and/or slabs.
  • Roof defects.
  • Builder’s defects and construction issues.
  • Defects from outside influences (such as car impact into a house or vessel impact into a wharf).
    These reports may also be presented as dilapidation reports, as a record of the condition of a building at a given moment in time.

Expert report writing

Writing technical reports for support of actions in courts, ranging up to Supreme Court of SA.

  • Presenting evidence in court in support of expert witness reports.
  • Writing reports for clients in support of insurance claims which have been denied by insurance companies.
  • Writing reports for clients in regards building defects for presentation to building companies.

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