Mining Engineering

Our skills in the mining sector have been built up and honed on a raft of challenging specialist and general projects in regional and rural Australia (as well as abroad in New Zealand and Ghana), including: 

  • Collar design for raisebore shaft construction, both above ground and underground, for vertical and inclined shafts up to 6m diameter x 1000m deep
  • Design of steel support beams for support of Raisebore derricks
  • Mine shaft upgrade design (eg Whennan Shaft at Olympic Dam, and underground ore transfer shafts
  • Single, double and triple deck work stage design for use in various shaft upgrades
  • Conveyor & services support design
  • Upgrade of ore storage bins (Mt Isa)
  • Design of monorails for use in underground mine
  • Footing design for mine equipment (eg ball mill)
  • Checking of crusher frame design for suitability to use in Australia


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Raisebore mining of shafts

  • constructing a concrete collar on the ground surface or at the top of the shaft
  • drilling a pilot hole from the surface to intersect an underground drive
  • taking a reaming (mining) head into the mine drive and attaching it to the end of the drill rod used for the pilot hole. The reaming head, powered by a unit on the surface, is rotated and pulled back up to the surface, creating a shaft, with the spoil falling into the drive below for removal by loader.

Shafts, either vertical or inclined, may be up to 6m in diameter and up to 1,000m deep.

While the raiseboring is undertaken by specialist mining companies, we are engaged to design the concrete surface footings and support steelwork.

General Mining Projects

General mining projects in the form of civil and structural engineering design for mining companies span:

  • Roadway and hardstand areas
  • Conveyor supports
  • Crusher support frames
  • General steelwork assessments and design
  • Equipment footing design
  • Work stage design
  • Raisebore collar designs
  • Specialised design projects

Specialised Design Projects

Specialised design projects cover areas such as the refurbishment of ore bins, ore pass chutes and conveyor support systems, as well as general services support. 

They are undertaken, on behalf of clients, on an as needs basis.

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