Extensive and savvy shade structure design engineering expertise that covers all bases.

Shade structure design engineering has become something of a forte at Magryn & Associates in recent years, to the point where we now boast a most expansive and eclectic selection of shade solutions that range from boutique designs for inner-city penthouses to a demountable spectator grandstand covering at Adelaide’s Clipsal 500 motor race that measures 70m x 30m, accommodates some 2,500 seated fans and is assembled and dismantled for the race each year.

Working with shade contractors, private individuals and the corporate sector, our projects include:

  • simple four-post hypar structures
  • framed shades such as barrel vaults
  • large conical structures
  • demountable and temporary structures
  • PVC covered ‘pavilions’ for use at events
  • shades for shopping centre and general car parking

Each structure is designed for either shade-cloth material or a PVC membrane and, being site specific, is engineered for the prevailing wind loading and takes into account difficult ground conditions such as collapsing sands or swamp mud.

Hypar structures are the most rudimentary of the shade offerings and feature the fabric strung between several steel columns. The shade connection points to the columns vary between high and low so as to give the fabric shape and allow water and debris to be dispersed.

In cases where a large area requires covering, multiple overlapping hypars deliver the coverage and make a visually appealing statement.

Framed Shades are the next rung up and include steel framing between the columns to provide better shape to and reduced movement and flap of the fabric, greater shade and improved safety.

These structures are available in a number of sizes and configurations, from ridged and peaked designs for playgrounds to barrel vault solutions large enough to cover entire basketball courts.

Car-park shades, typically used at shopping centres or large corporation office parks, comply with normal design standards and off-street car parking code AS2890. They usually take the form of either:

  • large hypars, covering general areas or
  • framed cantilever structures, covering rows of car parking bays

Careful engineering ensures that column placement is well away from cars and car door openings.

We are members of the Light Structures Association of Australia (LSA).

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