A dynamic cultural mix, diverse talents and perspectives, dependable and superior engineering design and documentation.

The company employs a wide range of engineers – from enthusiastic young graduates to seasoned professionals with more than 30 years of experience – across an equally broad field of engineering disciplines.  There’s a common thread, though…all are dedicated to solving your problems in the most technically proficient and economical manner, to ensure the end result works for you.

Our senior and central contact staff members are recorded below. Please do not hesitate to call them if you feel they may be able to help you.

Principal Engineer/Managing Director – Terry Magryn
General Manager – Rohan Parkhill
Senior Engineer – Nicola Austel
Senior Engineer – Will Souter
Senior Engineer – Nicholas Bradley
Jopepe Flores – Engineer
Jack Pennington – Engineer
Ajay Subedi – Engineer
Barry Jiang – Engineer
Technical Officer – David Frampton
Lead Drafter – Todd Hunt
Administration/Accounts Manager – Sharyn Varnes