If coastal & marine engineering or advice on building problems is what you’re after, Terry’s your man.

Principal Engineer/Managing Director – Terry Magryn

Terry Magryn specialises in coastal and marine engineering and personally undertakes many of the coastal projects in the office. He also attends to many projects on the consultancy’s books that involve engineering advice on building problems. In addition to project-specific responsibilities, Terry keeps a close eye on all projects in the office, liaises with clients and oversees the general running of the business.

His academic qualifications and professional memberships include:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering from Adelaide University (1980)
  • Master of Engineering Science in Coastal Engineering from University of NSW (1986)
  • Fellow of Engineers Australia (108230)
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (Civil and Structural)
  • Registered National Professional Engineer for Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland (RPEQ 09294)
  • Registered Building Practitioner, Victoria (EC 15699)
  • Member of Footings Group, Institution of Engineers (SA Division)
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Engineer
  • Member of Australasian Corrosion Association
  • Engineering Executive” (Eng Exec) as awarded by Engineers Australia, showing competency in leadership, management and business in the engineering fraternity.

Terry’s professional career spans over 30 years and includes work as an engineer with:

  • Highway Department of SA
  • NSW Public Works Department
  • Commonwealth Department of Housing and Construction
  • Pak-Pay Kneebone Consultants
  • Connell Consultants
  • Kinhill
  • Bastick and Partners
  • Western Mining Corporation