What is better. Traditional concrete underpinning or chemical injection?

Oct 10, 2023 | Blog, House Cracking | 0 comments

It’s very much ‘horses for courses’ as each has its strengths and each is better in some situations than the other.

Traditional concrete underpinning can go down as far as required and given that the upper 3.5m of Adelaide soil tends to expand and contract as the seasons change, we typically specify that it is extended down to at least 4m. By founding the underpin below this shifting layer, we’re able to provide a more stable footing for your house.

As chemical underpinning typically extends down to about 1.5m and is therefore founded in the shifting soil layer, these underpins – along with the soil around them – may be susceptible to heave or settlement over time.

We therefore tend to specify traditional concrete underpins around the outside of a house.

However, chemical underpins remain the preferred method in instances where there is no seasonal moisture change, such as under a separating party wall between two maisonettes or under a warehouse slab. The chemical injection underpins are also much less intrusive to install – for starters, you don’t need an excavator occupying your hallway! – and provide very good control when lifting a footing.

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